Privacy Policy


Lock Artist Mall ("we") attaches great importance to user privacy and personal information protection. When you use our products and/or services, we may collect and use your relevant information. This privacy policy is formulated with full consideration of your needs. It is crucial for you to have a comprehensive understanding of our personal information collection and usage practices, while ensuring that you ultimately have control over the personal information provided to us. We hope to explain to you through the "Lock Artist Mall Privacy Policy" (the "Privacy Policy") how we collect, use, save, share, and transfer this information when you use our products and/or services, as well as the ways we provide you with access, update, delete, and protect this information.

This policy will help you understand the following:

1. How do we collect and use your personal information

2. How do we use cookies and similar technologies

3. How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information

4. How do we protect and save your personal information

5. How do you manage personal information

6. Protection of minors' information

7. Notification and Revision

8. How to contact us

This privacy policy is closely related to the Lock Artist Mall service you use and the various business functions included in the service (hereinafter collectively referred to as "our products and/or services"). We hope that you carefully read and confirm that you have fully understood the content stated in this policy before using our products and/or services, and that you can make the appropriate choices according to the guidelines of this privacy policy. We strive to express the relevant terms involved in this privacy policy in a concise and concise manner, and provide further explanatory links for your better understanding. By using or continuing to use our products and/or services after we update this privacy policy (we will promptly notify you of any updates), you agree to the content of this privacy policy (including the updated version) and agree to our collection, use, storage, and sharing of your relevant information in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or related matters, you can visit Contact us through various methods such as online customer service system or calling any of our customer service numbers (029-88888192).


1、 How do we collect and use your personal information

2、 How do we use cookies and similar technologies

3、 How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information

4、 How do we protect and save your personal information

5、 How do you manage your personal information

6、 Personal Information Protection for Minors

7、 Notification and Revision

8、 How to contact us

1、 How do we collect and use your personal information

Personal information refers to various types of information recorded electronically or in combination with other information that can identify a specific natural person's identity or reflect their activities. The personal information referred to in this privacy policy includes: basic information (including personal name, birthday, gender, address, personal phone number, email address); Personal identification information (including ID card, military officer certificate, passport, driver's license, etc.); Facial features; Network identity identification information (including system account, IP address, email address, and passwords, passwords, password protection answers related to the above); Personal property information (transaction and consumption records, as well as virtual property information such as balances, Jingdou, coupons, Lock Artist Mall, game exchange codes, etc.); Address book; Personal online records (including website browsing records, software usage records, and click records); Personal commonly used device information (including hardware model, device MAC address, operating system type, software list unique device identification code (such as IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information, etc.) that describes the basic situation of personal commonly used devices; Personal location information (including itinerary information, precise positioning information, accommodation information, longitude and latitude, etc.);

In order to monitor errors and exceptions in the Lock Artist Mall app, as well as optimize and upgrade the platform, we will collect information on abnormal application software operation. Our product integrates Youmeng+SDK, which needs to collect your device's Mac address, unique device identification code (IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information) to provide statistical analysis services, and calibrate the accuracy of report data through geographical location to provide basic anti cheating services;

Com.learnium is a component that retrieves device information. The homepage will call it once to obtain the ID of the current app. If the judgment and setting are different, it will be recognized that the app has been tampered with, and the app will pop up a warning "The app cannot run. Please download it again from the app market".

Youmeng SDK: Application purpose or scenario: used for statistics and analysis of data, providing basic anti cheating capabilities, and device application performance monitoring services

Type/scope of collecting and sharing personal information: device identification information (including device identifier, iOS advertising identifier, IP address, internet service provider, and network status), IMS, installed application list, browser, session start/stop time

SDK service provider: Youmeng Tongxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

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Third party SDK name SDK service application scenario sharing personal information field Third party SDK provider SDK privacy policy link

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The Statistical Analysis SDK provides App with statistical analysis services and basic anti cheating services with unique device identification codes (IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information); Obtain location information, provide anti fraud functions for developers, and eliminate cheating devices; Device MAC address

If you do not want your personal information to be processed and used by us, you can log in to the website Perform an opt out operation. Youmeng Tongxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

Personal sensitive information refers to personal information that, once leaked, illegally provided, or abused, may endanger personal and property safety, easily lead to damage to personal reputation, physical and mental health, or discriminatory treatment. The personal sensitive information referred to in this privacy policy includes: your property information (including transaction records and virtual property information such as Lock Artist Mall balance, Lock Bean, coupons, etc.); Facial recognition features; Personal identification information (including ID card, military officer certificate, passport, driver's license, household registration book); Network identity identification information (including account name, account nickname, email address, and password and password protection questions and answers related to the above); Other information (including address book, personal phone number, mobile phone number, travel information, Web browsing history, accommodation information, precise positioning information).

We will only collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:

(1) The situation where you need to authorize us to collect and use your personal information

Our products and/or services include some core functions, which include the functions necessary to realize online shopping, improve our products and/or services and ensure transaction security. We may collect, save, and use the following information related to you in order to achieve these functions. If you do not provide relevant information, you will not be able to enjoy the products and/or services we provide. These functions include:

1. Implement the necessary functions for online shopping

(1) User registration

You first need to register a Lock Artist Mall account to become a Lock Artist Mall user. When you register, you need to provide us with at least the Lock Artist Mall account name, password, your own mobile phone number, and email address (for verifying your email) that you plan to use. We will verify your identity by sending a text message verification code or email. Your account name is your default nickname. You can modify and supplement your nickname, gender, birthday, hobbies, and your real name verification related information, all of which belong to your "account information". The additional account information you provide will help us provide you with relevant products and a better shopping experience. However, if you do not provide these additional information, it will not affect the basic functions of your online shopping.

(2) Product information display and search

In order to help you quickly find the product you need, we may collect device information (including device name, device model, device identification code, operating system and application version, language settings, resolution, service provider network ID (PLMN)), browser type, and provide you with the best way to display product information. We will also use your personal information in order to continuously improve and optimize the above functions.

You can also search to accurately find the goods or services you need. We will keep your search content for your convenience in repeatedly entering or displaying products associated with your search content. Please note that your search keyword information cannot independently identify your identity and does not belong to your personal information. We have the right to use it for any purpose; Only when your search keyword information is used in combination with your other information and can identify you, during the combined use period, we will treat your search keyword information as your personal information and protect it along with your search history in accordance with this privacy policy.

(3) Place an order

When you are ready to settle the items in your shopping cart, the Lock Artist Mall system will generate an order for you to purchase the item. You need to fill in at least the recipient's name, delivery address, and mobile phone number in the order. At the same time, the order number, information about the goods or services you purchased, the amount of payment you should pay, and the payment method will be stated in the order; You can add more contact information by filling in the recipient's fixed phone number and email address information to ensure accurate delivery of the product. However, not filling in this information does not affect the generation of your order.

All the above information constitutes your "order information", and we will use your order information for your identity verification, transaction confirmation, payment settlement, delivery completion, order inquiry, and customer service consultation and after-sales service; We will also use your order information to determine if there are any abnormalities in your transaction to protect your transaction security.

(4) Payment function

After you place an order, you can choose the payment services provided by the related parties of SuoYiRen Mall or the third-party payment institutions cooperating with SuoYiRen Mall (including SuoYiRen Mall payment, WeChat Pay and UnionPay, NetPay and other payment channels, hereinafter referred to as "payment institutions"). The payment function itself does not collect your personal information, but we need to share your Lock Artist Mall order number and transaction amount information with these payment institutions to confirm your payment instructions and complete the payment. Related party "refers to any company, institution, or legal representative of any of the aforementioned companies or institutions that a party currently or in the future controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with. Control "refers to the ability to directly or indirectly influence the management of the company mentioned, whether through ownership, voting shares, contracts, or other means recognized by the people's court.

(5) Delivering product or service functions

After you place an order and choose Cash on delivery or complete payment online, the related parties of SuoYiRen Mall or third-party distribution companies (including SF, Deppon, etc., hereinafter referred to as "distribution companies") cooperating with SuoYiRen Mall will complete the delivery of your order. You are aware and agree that affiliated parties of Lock Artist Mall or third-party delivery companies cooperating with Lock Artist Mall will use your order information during the above steps to ensure the safe delivery of your ordered goods.

Our delivery staff not only provide you with delivery services, but also assist you in completing real name authentication based on certain business legal requirements, such as purchasing the phone number of Lock Artist Mall. We will use your ID card to verify your identity through the proprietary equipment of a national authorized certification agency during this stage. We have not collected your ID card information, and our delivery personnel must comply with the company's confidentiality system.

(6) Customer service and after-sales functions

Our telephone customer service and after-sales functions will use your account information and order information.

To ensure the security of your account, our call center customer service and online customer service will use your account information to verify your identity. When you need us to provide customer service and after-sales service related to your order information, we will check your order information. You may provide additional information beyond the above information when communicating with our customer service personnel, such as when you request us to change the shipping address, contact person, or contact number.

2. Necessary functions for ensuring transaction security

To improve the security of your system when using our products and/or services, more accurately prevent phishing website fraud, and protect account security, we may determine your account risk by understanding your browsing information, order information, commonly used software information, device information, and other means, and may record some links that we believe are at risk ("URLs"); We will also collect your device information to analyze issues with the Lock Artist Mall system, count traffic, and identify potential risks. We will also investigate any abnormal information you choose to send us.

(2) You can choose whether to authorize us to collect and use your personal information

1. To make your shopping more convenient or enjoyable, and enhance your online shopping experience at Lock Artist Mall, our following additional features may collect and use your personal information. If you do not provide this personal information, you may still be able to shop online, but you may not be able to use these additional features that can bring you shopping pleasure or need to fill out some information repeatedly when purchasing certain products. These additional features include:

Additional function based on image upload: You can upload your photos to the Lock Artist Mall to achieve photo shopping, order sharing, and evaluation functions. We will use the photos you upload to identify the products you need to purchase or use evaluations containing the images you upload.

2. The above additional functions may require you to enable us with access to your geographic location (location information), camera (camera), album (picture library), microphone, and address book on your device, in order to collect and use the information involved in these functions. You can check the activation status of your above permissions one by one through "Account Settings Settings Privacy" in the Lock Artist Mall, and decide to turn these permissions on or off at any time (we will guide you to complete the settings in your device system).