return policy's return policy

Before returning the product to us, please read and follow the instructions below. You can also contact our customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

Please ensure that you understand our return policy and meet all standards before actually returning any items to us. Return and Refund Policy:

Wrong Ordered Product: If you have ordered the wrong product yourself, or if you find that it is not the product you want to order (not a quality issue), our return policy does not apply to you. Please note this.

Quality issue: Once our product is received, it cannot be used normally, or if there is a malfunction during delivery that prevents customers from using it, we will open a return policy for you.

Non quality issues: In certain specific situations, after our customer service understands your specific issue, we can open up a return policy for you. In this case, our return policy will apply to you, and in this case, we will charge you a 10% handling fee.

How can I return the device to us for a refund or exchange? Who will pay for the shipping cost?

1. Quality issues. In this case, please report the issue to our customer within 7 working days and return the package within 30 working days. If your package is damaged during transportation, please report to your local courier company or post office and obtain a case receipt so that we can claim compensation. Please contact our customer service online to obtain the return address. If you send it back by mail, we will bear half of the shipping cost. If you return it by express delivery, we will not bear any shipping costs. If you want to return or exchange the goods, we will pay the shipping cost for the exchange.

2. Non quality issues: In this case, please contact our customer service within 7 working days and return the package within 30 working days. We will not bear any shipping costs for shipping the goods back to us. We will also deduct a 10% handling fee from the total payment amount and the shipping costs we paid to ship the order to you. If you return the product for exchange, the buyer will need to pay the new shipping cost for the exchanged product.

When can I receive a refund or exchange?

If you return a refund, we will receive the return and confirm that everything is normal. You will receive the refund within 5 working days.

If you need to exchange goods and the exchange price is higher than the price you paid, you will need to pay the price difference, and the exchange will be shipped within 48 hours after receiving your payment.

Return and exchange

Free replacement: If your product is damaged during transportation, we will replace it for free, and you will bear the cost of returning your goods to us by simple Airmail.

Misordered Product: If you have ordered the wrong product and plan to exchange it, please contact our customer service for assistance. If we can exchange the product for you, you will need to pay us the shipping fee and return it to you.

Physically damaged items: If you damage the items yourself, we cannot provide you with exchange services. But you can return for repair.

What do you need to do before returning or exchanging goods? You need to contact our customer service to let us know your problem. What are the issues with your product and what do you want us to do for you.

Return shipping options: After confirming that your item complies with our return policy, we ask you to send the item back to us by simple Airmail.

What will we do after receiving your return? You need to stay in touch with us to ensure we receive the return. After inspecting the product, we will arrange for a replacement for you, and we will notify you once everything is completed. Please remember to check your email frequently.